Right in the heart of Ebeltoft stands a former malt factory. Some years ago, this red industrial building – dating back to 1861– was to be demolished and replaced by a modern shopping centre. But luckily, a group of visionaries saw potential in the old building and raised enough money to buy back the factory. They had a dream – a dream we are about to turn into a reality in 2019, in collaboration with Syddjurs Municipality: The Malt Factory reinvented as a cultural centre: with a microbrewery, creative workspaces, live music, youth culture, visual arts/exhibitions/crafts, artists in residence, a library, a museum and much more. 

The Malt Factory is an interesting building architecturally, so when The Malt Factory Foundation decided to launch an architecture competition, 29 different design teams entered from all over the world. In October 2016, the winner was announced: PRAKSIS ARKITEKTER. Praksis will be the architects behind the new Malt Factory. 



  • 1861: S.B Lundberg’s Malt Factory was a prominent supplier of malt to Denmark and the world. 
  • 1998: Malt production ended and the buildings were abandoned.  
  • 2019: Construction of the new Malt Factory completed. 
  • The building’s estimated cost is 150 million DKK. 
  • The floor area is approximately 4400 m2.
  • The Malt Factory Foundation owns 3400 m2 of the floor area, which will be used for cultural events, private businesses, creative start-up companies and more. 
  • Syddjurs Municipality owns 1000 m2 of the floor area, which will be used for a library and a museum. 
  • The project includes 17,644 m2 of outside areas.
  • 9696 m2 of the outdoor areas belong to Syddjurs Municipality,
  • 7948 m2 of the outdoor areas belong to The Malt Factory Foundation.   


The estimated cost of the Malt Factory project is 150 million DKK. 20% of this figure is being financed by Syddjurs Municipality. Local people and several foundations have also helped in the process of raising enough money to realise the dream. Here are some of the contributors: 

  • The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities: 5 million DKK.
  • Realdania: 20 million DKK.
  • A.P. Møller Foundation: 25 million DKK.
  • Salling Fondene: 7 million DKK. 
  • Local contributors and shareholders.